Information Technology

Our customers have the flexibility to choose a program that best suits their needs. We work with our customers to ensure we are enhancing this program with the proper ordering and download systems, which allows for efficiencies in retail pricing at the store level.

Sobeys Wholesale has developed strong relationships with POS vendors, and because of this we can work effectively with customers to provide solutions and systems advice for both new and existing equipment. The Sobeys Wholesale website also allows customers to use the company’s document page for accessing information such as catalogues and to pull weekly pricing downloads.

Key Accounts

Sobeys Wholesale services various Key Accounts across the country. Our Key Accounts team acts as the point of contact for our customer head office and coordinates various activities and distributions on behalf of the customer. Our Key Account coordinators work closely with other departments within Sobeys to ensure our customers are receiving the highest level of service.


Sobeys Wholesale has over 30 sales representatives located in all 10 provinces across the country. Our sales team acts as a resource for stores. It’s about building partnerships. Our motto is that the more successful our customers are, the more successful we are.

Our customer orientated sales force team is passionate about providing our customers valuable insights to help grow their business. When sales representatives visit a store they will perform section reviews to indicate product category leaders and review retail pricing. Our sales representatives will review new trends, look for seasonal opportunities, review sales by department to identify gaps, and look for areas where there is potential for growth. The sales team can also reline store shelves to ensure the section will maximize category sales.

Sobeys Wholesale does all it can to address customers’ needs. We are continually seeking opportunities and solutions to bridge communication issues. We are sensitive to our customers’ needs. We are always looking for ways to use innovation to help us be a better partner.